Congress Fields Ajay Rai From Varanasi- No Modi V/S Priyanka


Putting an end to all the speculations that Priyanka Gandhi Vadra may challenge the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi from Varanasi, the Indian National Congress reported veteran government official Ajay Rai as the applicant in Varanasi for the 2019 Lok Sabha races.
The declaration was made through a public statement by the gathering on Thursday. Ajay Rai will clash with Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the prominent body electorate. Ajay Rai had challenged against Modi in the 2014 races, yet just verified a far off third in the outcomes after Modi and Aam Aadmi Party’s Arvind Kejriwal. Ajay Rai had additionally challenged in the 2009 general decisions from Varanasi on a Samajwadi Party ticket.
The declaration came following quite a while of hypothesis in the media over the candidature of Congress’ General Secretary for Uttar Pradesh (East) Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, who was holding a roadshow when the declaration was made. Before the annoucement, Congress President Rahul Gandhi was asked whether Priyanka would challenge from Varanasi. He reacted that anticipation was not a terrible thing, further energizing hypothesis. Priyanka Gandhi joined standard governmental issues as of late following quite a while of working in the background for her family.
Aside from Narendra Modi from the BJP and Ajay Rai from Congress, Shalini Yadav will speak to the Samajwadi Party from Varanasi. In 2014, Narendra Modi won from Varanasi, crushing Arvind Kejriwal with an edge of more than 3 lakh votes.
Varanasi, with five gathering fragments, will go to surveys on May 19. The documenting of assignments in progress for that voting public, and the last date for recording by intrigued applicants is April 29. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is relied upon to document his assignments to challenge from Varanasi on Friday.
Though it would have been more interesting if Priyanka Gandhi Vadra would have challenged Modi, but it will also be interesting to see if the people in the constituency want Modi back or give Congress the chance.