What are the Benefits of Linking RuPay Credit Cards to UPI?


UPI, or Unified Payments Interface, is one of the government’s biggest wins in promoting easy cashless transactions. People execute billions of transactions every month, most of which are minor in value.

Nobody could have predicted the success of this level, which has prompted other countries throughout the world to adopt our UPI payment system. So far, India has shared its UPI technology with France, Australia, Singapore, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, and others.

Now, there is a new UPI way that allows you to link with UPI credit cards. For the time being, payments made using UPI will be debited from your bank accounts. However, using this option, the funds would be debited from your Rupay Credit Card limit. This is a very convenient feature for Credit Card enthusiasts.

However, if you have a Rupay Credit Card and are still unsure if you should link it to any UPI-powered app, the following arguments may assist.

1. Simple And Easy To Use

Linking UPI to credit cards streamlines payment. You can use one app to manage all of your money, including bills, online shopping, and transfers. UPI eliminates the need to switch between apps; everything is seamless and uncomplicated.

2. Quick Transfers

Using UPI with credit cards is similar to having a payment fast pass. You can pay quickly with your credit card, which is ideal for emergencies or fast purchases.

3. High Security

When you link UPI to credit cards, you add further protection levels. You have two-factor authentication, biometric verification, and a secret PIN. There’s also a superhero-level fraud detector to keep your transactions secure from deceit.

4. Pre-approved offers

Credit cards have a spending limit, and combining them with UPI gives you more spending power. You can use that credit to pay using UPI, giving you more flexibility in handling your money.

5. EMI Transactions

Credit cards provide a useful trick: you may convert large purchases into smaller monthly payments known as EMIs. If you attach UPI to credit cards, you may quickly convert qualified UPI transactions into EMIs. It’s like having a convenient approach to handle greater bills over time. Furthermore, credit cards allow you to pay off your debt in smaller instalments, providing you even more freedom.

6. Reward and Cashback Offers

Credit cards sometimes provide points and cashback for your purchases. If you link UPI with credit cards, you will still receive those perks when you use UPI to pay. It’s like getting a bonus every time you pay, making credit cards an attractive option for saving money while still collecting incentives.