Is Vivo apex 2019 The Future Phone?


When most cell phone producers are considering foldable gadgets to respond to this inquiry, Vivo has thought of its idea Apex 2019, a cell phone without any catches, no ports, no forward looking camera, no SIM opening, no charging ports, no earphone jack, and no speakers.

The 5G telephone tosses all buzzwords out of the window and offers all the more new ideas. What about a full-screen unique finger impression scanner with the goal that clients can open their gadget by contacting anyplace.

While Apex 2019 has a great deal of potential, it likewise should be reasonable and easy to understand. Meizu attempted to make a comparable cell phone with its Meizu Zero however appears to have taken in an extreme exercise and is currently clear it wouldn’t like to go down that way once more.

To make a without port telephone, Vivo utilized a solitary piece of glass to cover both back and sides and hence offer a unibody plan. It requires an uncommon strategy to twist the glass around the corners and make what Vivo calls it “Bended Surface Waterdrop Glass”. Interestingly, the present telephones have a glass front and back boards with a metal edge folding over the edges.

Be that as it may, this likewise implies you will continually be stressed over the solidness of the telephone. On the off chance that you split your cell phone, the expense of fixing it would be enormous. You have to comprehend that this telephone is made out of a solitary bit of glass. Furthermore, in the event that it gets broke, gouged or split, the whole surface must be supplanted. Since telephones are so powerless to coincidental falls, there is not kidding exchange offs to all-glass structure.

Vivo is overemphasizing the absence of catches on the Apex 2019. While getting rid of the catches, the telephone’s edge has been made touch and weight delicate. There are weight delicate touch zones on the right-hand side of the telephone, spread over a similar region as conventional volume and power catches. There’s a little spotted part that indicates where the power catch is found.

What additionally makes the Apex 2019 not the same as different telephones is that there’s no USB Type-C port for charging. Basically, the telephone comes up short on a charging port and rather utilizes a restrictive attractive connector for charging (remote charging could have been incorporated). This bends over as an information exchange link. The Apex 2019 is a surprising cell phone without a doubt. What Vivo has done is something that no one had a clue could be conceivable to actualize. At this point is can be a stress again on the off chance that it is consistent to discharge a phone without any catches or ports. At the present time, Vivo says the Apex 2019 is a negligible idea and the organization has no designs to sell the gadget monetarily at any point in the near future.



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