Men In Black disappoint fans with its sequel “Men in Black: International”


Men in Black: International released last Friday. The film is the fourth in the sci-fi/comedy series where Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson replace the stars of the first three Men in Black blockbusters Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones.

Tessa Thompson plays Molly who is a young paranoid on the lookout for alien life forms and neuralyzed after encountering an alien. She grows up and joins MiB through her great perseverance.  She is made a probationary agent, Agent M, and is sent to London where she meets arrogant yet charming Agent H, played by Chris Hemsworth. After an attack by two powerful alien twins Agent M deduces that there must be a mole inside MiB headquarters for the attack to have happened. From there, M and H work on the mission to save the universe from the alien attack.

Despite boasting new leads, new director and new locations the film failed to bring newness and excitement amongst its fans.  It is not as funny and intriguing as the original 1997 Men in Black. The plot of the movie is dull and the ‘’surprise’’ reveal is easy to guess. There is a lack of chemistry between Chris and Tessa who have worked together before in Thor: Ragnarok and other Avengers movies. Unlike the original Men in Black which had some amazing surprise elements, fun aliens and not to miss the comical timing of Will Smith towards danger, this movie is all about scary bad guys and explosive weapons. What saves the movie is the flood of special-effects that elevates the lead actors and the comic timing of Kumail Nanjiani who enters as the voice of a strange little chess board creature named Pawny who pledges his devotion to Agent M.