Video Showing Passenger Swiping Entertainment Screen In Flight With His Feet Goes Viral, People Feel Disgusted


Recently a video went viral on Twitter showing a man using his feet to swipe the screen of the entertainment TV or I-pad and the netizens are disgusted over the video. The video that is captioned, “My friend who doesn’t have Twitter sent this from her flight. It belongs on Twitter” was tweeted by a novelist from New York, Alafair Burke. 

Bruke further tweeted “The photographer confirms that she saw him walk on and off the plane, carrying his own bag. He just likes to watch TV with his bare feet.”

The video shows the man sitting comfortably in the flight by placing his feet on the front wall. He suddenly started using his left feet to swipe on the entertainment screen that shows movie collection available on the flight. He used his feet to swipe not once but twice. He decided to remove his shoes and socks so his feet are totally bare and used his toes to swipe.

The viral post has drawn over 5,000 comments with many expressing their disgust over the man’s act. The clip was also shared by Instagram account passenger shaming where it accrued over 280,000 views just hours after being uploaded. 

Hygiene is basic but an important requirement while travelling. People often use wipes or hand sanitizers to maintain the hygiene when they are exposed to things at public places. Because, at all the public places, things are exposed to millions of people and the chances of germ infection is very high, especially while traveling through any public transport. 

Some of the reactions are:

“No manners & no respect for others,” an Instagram user commented on the video.

“This is why I obsessively clean everything with hand sanitizer on flights. Screens, tables and seat belt buckle especially,” another person reacted.

Some people were impressed with the passenger’s dexterity. “Skill level is off the charts,” one viewer wrote.

 “How disgusting can you get?? Why don’t flight attendants say anything?” someone added.