Next generation iPhones to feature flexible OLED panels by LG


Tech giant Apple is expected to bring out the iPhone XI series comprising of the iPhone XIR, the iPhone XI and the iPhone XI Max models in the month of September, 2019.

Meanwhile, even before Apple launches the 2019 iPhones, details about the 2020 iPhone models are already doing the rounds in the web world. These new speculations are regarding most likely for the iPhone XII (12) model series. As per the new reports, Apple will be using latest flex tech OLED displays manufactured by LG, in its 2020 iPhone models.
As per the speculations, Apple has finally decided to drop the LCD display screens for its 2020 iPhone series and go for the more sophisticated and costly OLED displays in all the iPhone models that are scheduled to launch in 2020. As per a report by a South Korea news channel, it is said that Apple is planning to feature the flexible OLED panels by LG in the 2020 iPhones.

According to the report, the South Korean tech giant will be mass producing its flexible OLED panel in the third quarter of this year and will supply the same to the American
tech giant to be fitted on the 2020 iPhone models. Moreover, LG is also likely to supply the flexible OLED panels in small quantities to be used on some iPhone models that are
slated to launch this year.

When the upcoming 2020 Apple iPhone models’ features are concerned, several reports have already revealed a number of details, which includes 5G connectivity, 3D Time of Flight (ToF) sensors at its rear and much more. Currently, the iPhones offer of sensors at the front that offer a range of features including face recognition and Animoji. The placement of the oF sensors at the rear of the smartphones would increase the range of the device’s rear camera and allow the phone to measure an area of up to 4.5 meters that is longer than the range of the current Android smartphones.

Apple is said to be using LG’s flexible OLED screens for the 2020 iPhone models. Apart from the OLED displays, the 2020 iPhones are expected to come with tons of other latest techs.