Man Vs Wild’s special episode is adds to PM Modi visual gallery


Prime Minister Narendra Modi featured on the special episode of Man vs Wild with the anchor Edward Michael Grylls who is known as Bear Grylls. It is thought that the episode would have been telecasted during the election season, but got delayed due to the unfortunate terror attacks in Pulwama.

It is a well known fact how extensively the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) was campaigning for it was desperate to come back to power overriding the country’s economic distress.

Grylls featured the American President Barack Obama in his show in December 2015, post which he revealed how “it was amazing and it was a phone call I never thought we’d get when The White House rang up and said, ‘He’s a fan of the show, would you ever take him to Alaska or on an adventure?’ I thought it was one of my buddies doing a spoof”.

After Grylls made first details of the episode with PM Narandra Modi public last month, there have been several publicity interviews of the anchor on his experience with Mr. Modi. 

Man vs Wild is a global show and despite the fact that there is a limited audience for Discovery channel and this particular show, PM Modi’s target audience was certainly Indian, as he chose to converse in Hindi in spite of being comfortable speaking in English.

This is thought to be part of the party’s strategy awing the Indian audience at Mr. Modi’s ability to charm global personalities from presidents, to prime ministers to personalities on the silver screen. 

Grylls was briefed by Mr. Modi that as a young man he had spent time in the wild. While crossing the river, he said he had been doing such things all his life. He also said that poverty didn’t allow him the luxury of soap for bathing or washing clothes, so he used crystallized salt as soap and detergent. Grylls was also briefed by Mr. Modi’s tea selling days and how he left home as a seventeen-year-old boy. 

Hence, Man vs Wild is yet another platform to enhance Mr. Modi visual gallery, and the show takes him to the international audience alongside the target Indian audience.

 The featuring of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in a special episode of Man Vs Wild, adds to his visual gallery and takes him to the international audience.