Google brings ‘dynamic email’ to Gmail on Android and iOS phones, here’s what it means


It has been a while since Google showcased its ‘dynamic email’ feature (or AMP emails) in Gmail. To recall, this feature is supposed to make you more productive by making emails interactive. This is aimed to ensure that the user does not need to need to open another website or a browser tab to complete the process. At the time of its introduction (as a beta) in March this year, Google said that ‘dynamic email’ will let users book hotel rooms, reserve tables at a restaurant and more within the email window itself. While the feature saw a wider rollout in July this year, it has now reached Android and iOS devices as well.

“We previously announced dynamic emails for Gmail on the web. This functionality is now rolling out to Gmail on Android and iOS. Dynamic email brings the richness and interactivity of AMP to your mobile device, allowing you to take action directly within a message. You can respond to a comment, RSVP to an event, manage subscription preferences, and more,” says the G Suite update website.