How to verify your email address on the UIDAI website

  • Make sure that the resident has original documents for verification. In instances where original documents are not available, copies attested / certified by a public notary / gazetted officer will be accepted.
  • The documents produced by the resident for Aadhaar enrolment/Update must be in the list of approved documents only.
  • The format is for certificate to be issued by officials/ institutions (only those that are recognised in the UIDAI’s valid list of documents) for Proof of Identity and Address is as per Appendix A/B.
  • Verifier can refuse verification, if they suspect forged/altered documents. In cases where Verifier refuses verification of the documents produced, reasons should be recorded in brief by the Verifier on the Enrolment Form.
  • In case the Verifier refuses verification with reasons or turns the resident back without recording any reasons, the resident can approach a designated Authority created by the Registrar at the Block level for Grievance Redressal.
  • Verify Name, Date of Birth, Address, and Relationship Details against PoI, DoB, PoA, PoR, respectively.
    • Name
    • PoI requires a document containing the resident’s name and photograph. Verify that supporting document has both.
    • If any of the PoI document submitted does not contain the photograph of the resident, then it will not be accepted as a valid PoI. In order to be inclusive and free of harassment, documents with older photographs are acceptable.
    • Confirm the name in the document by asking the resident his/her name. This is to ensure that the resident is providing own documents.
    • The name of the person should be entered in full. It should not include salutations or titles like Mr., Miss, Mrs., Major, Retd., Dr. etc
  • It is very important to write the person’s name very carefully and correctly. For example, the respondent may tell that his name is V. Vijayan whereas his full name may be VenkatramanVijayan and similarly R. K. Srivastava’s full name may actually be Ramesh Kumar Srivastava. Similarly, a female enrollee may tell her name as K. S. K. Durga while her full name may be Kalluri Surya Kanaka Durga. Ascertain from her/him the expansion of her/his initials and check the same in the documentary evidence produced.
  • In case of difference in the name declared and the one in document (PoI) is limited to spelling and/or sequence of first, middle and last name, the name as declared by the resident may be recorded .
  • If two documentary proofs produced by the enrollee have variation in the same name (i.e., with initials and full name), the enrollee’s full name should be recorded.
  • Sometimes the infants and children may not have been named yet. Try to ascertain the intended name for the child by explaining to the enrollee the importance of capturing the name of the individual for allotting UID. In case of non availability of supporting documents for PoI, the name should be recorded with the assistance of the Introducer
  • Date Of Birth (DOB):
    • Date of birth of Resident must indicate day, month and year in the relevant field.
    • If the Resident provides documentary evidence of Date of Birth, then the Date of Birth is considered as “Verified”. When resident declares the DoB without any documentary evidence, then date of birth is considered as “Declared”.
    • When the resident is unable to give exact date of birth and only age is mentioned by the resident or approximated by the verifier then only age is recorded. The software will automatically calculate year of birth in such case.
    • The Verifier should check the entry in the Enrolment/Update Form and ensure that the resident has correctly indicated the date of birth as “verified”/”declared” or has filled his/her Age.
  • Residential Address:
    • Verify that the PoA contains the name and address. The Verifier should ensure that the name in the PoA document matches with the name in the PoI document. A difference in the name in PoI and PoA document is acceptable if the difference is only in spelling and/or sequence of first, middle and last name.
    • The “care of” person’s name, if any, is usually captured for children and old age people living with parents and children, respectively. If not available, one can leave this Address line blank.
    • Enhancement of address is allowed. The resident may be allowed to add minor fields such as House No., Lane No., Street Name, correcting typographic errors, minor changes/ corrections to pin code etc. to the address listed in the PoA as long as these additions/modifications do not alter the base address mentioned in the PoA document
    • If the changes requested in Address Enhancement are substantial and change the base address that is listed in the PoA, the resident will be required to produce an alternate PoA or enrol through an Introducer.
  • Relationship Details:
    • In the case of children below 5 years, “Name” and “Aadhaar Number” of one of the parents or guardian is mandatory. Parent/Guardian must produce their Aadhaar letter when enrolling children (or they can be Enroled together).
    • In the case of an adult, no verification will be done for the information on parent or spouse. They are recorded for internal purposes only.
  • Head of Family(HoF):
    • Verify that the PoR document establishes relation between the Head of Family and the family member. Only those family members can be Enroled based on the relationship document (PoR), whose names are recorded on relationship document.
    • Head of Family must always accompany the family member when the family member is getting Enroled.
    • The verifier must also check the HoF details in the Enrolment/ Update Form in case of HoF based verification. HoF’s Name and Aadhaar Number in form should be verified against the Aadhaar letter.
    • Ensure that in case of HoF based enrolments, the relationship details mentioned in the form are of the HoF only.
  • Mobile Number, Email address:
    If the enrollee possesses and is willing to provide his/her Mobile Number and / or Email Address, these optional fields must be filled in. Verifier can inform the importance of these fields to the resident. UIDAI can get in touch with the resident using this information, if required, like in case of returned letters.