Best Places Not to Miss for a Fully Asian Experience in Vietnam


As the world is gradually advancing each day, several countries are now reopening their borders for international travelers and tourists. It’s been a lag phase for many over the past months. People had made plans to visit one or two places but were hindered by travel restrictions due to the pandemic.

Tourists’ attraction locations in Asia, for example, are now fast becoming more visited than they were many months ago. Vietnam being one of such places, is currently making Vietnam e-visa vs visa on arrival decisions for visiting tourists. 

Are you interested in exploring Vietnam to see its sight-captivating attractions? Here is something for you.

Tourists Allowed Entry into Vietnam after Border Reopening – What You Must Know

As a tourist planning your next visit to Vietnam, you are excited about the adventure. However, there are a couple of things you must know. 

First of all, it’s important to note that since July 1st, the government of Vietnam has officially resumed tourists’ movements into the country. It came as a new decision after the close of the borders back in March. 

Vietnam was one of the countries in Asia with proactive health measures against the spread of the virus when it first broke out in March. The government is, therefore, committed to prioritizing safety and protection for all its tourists. So, you have every reason to be sure that your safety is of utmost importance as you plan to have an exciting experience in Vietnam. 

Best Places to Visit in Vietnam

From the mountains and deep massive green forests of Phu Quoc to the watery views of Mekong Delta villages, Vietnam offers beautiful artistic scenes of nature that keep the eye mesmerized. Apart from these natural sources, there are big cities in Vietnam that have interesting site attractions too.

You can be inundated with the splendor of these attractions that you find it so difficult to plan your visit in the most fantastic fashion ever. However, tourism must be worthwhile in all entirety, so here is a guide-list for you on places to visit.

1.    The Phu Quoc Island
2.    Mekong Delta fields
3.    Hoi a historic city
4.    Hue architectural center
5.    The Sapa Mountains
6.    Ho Chi Minh metropolitan city
7.    Hanoi city
8.    Halong Bay
9.    Nha Trang commercial city cum nature’s charming beach

The Vietnam eVisa

One of the recent developments of reopening in Vietnam is the issuance of the new electronic visas for travelers. 

Pros of the eVisa

There are many advantages to this eVisa. Here are some of them;
•    It can be applied and received online without physical contact unlike ordinary visas
•    It gives room for ease of application

Cons of the eVisa
•    While the visa allows for ease of application, it only gives entry eligibility to about 80 countries, and tourists from other countries might be denied access.

Asia is one of the continents with the most fantastic tourism attractions. Vietnam is one of the countries you don’t want to miss in your visit to Asia.