UIDAI changes rule for Aadhaar card, check all details immediately


New Delhi. If you also want to make Aadhar card, then let us tell you that some rules have changed for making it. Aadhar card can be made from a newborn child to an elderly person. From the treatment of children in the hospital to admission in school, it is needed. In such a situation, if you want to make your child’s Aadhar card, then know the new rules.

Finger print and eye scan will no longer be done for children below five years of age, but when they are above five years of age, it will be mandatory to update biometrics.

Documents required for making Aadhar card
If your child is less than 5 years of age, then you will need the child’s birth certificate to make Aadhaar.
If there is no birth certificate, then the Aadhar card of any one of the parents of the child will work.
If the parent does not have Aadhar card, then in such a situation the application is canceled.
Biometric information of children below 5 years of age is not taken. Only photographs of such applicants are sufficient.
On the other hand, if the child’s age exceeds 5 years, then the biometric record has to be updated.
In this it is mandatory to give fingerprint, retina scan and photograph of ten fingers of children. After 15 years it has to be updated once again.
If the child is more than five years old, then for this you need a copy of the birth certificate, the school’s identity card and the letter of the village head.
In the absence of school ID, the declaration form has to be submitted in writing on the letter head of the school.
Gather all these documents before applying for Aadhar card.

Make Aadhaar card like this
To get the child’s Aadhar card, visit your nearest post office or Aadhar Seva Kendra and fill the enrollment form.
In the enrollment form, fill the Aadhar number of the parents and the address mentioned on it for address proof.
Submit the birth certificate of the child. This form has to be submitted along with all the necessary documents, after which the child’s photo will be taken.
If the child is more than five years of age, the biometric record of the child will be recorded after the submission of the form. If the child is less than 5 years old, then the photograph is enough.
When this process is completed then an enrollment slip will be generated and given to you. Enrollment ID, number and date will be entered on it.
With the help of this Enrollment ID, you will be able to check the status of Aadhar card.
Aadhar Card is sent by post at the applicant’s home within 90 days of Aadhaar Enrollment.
To download the Aadhar card online, go to the UIDAI website uidai.gov.in and enter the enrollment number, date and time. Aadhar card can be downloaded after 25 30 after applying.