Big news! Now depositing more than 10 thousand will be charged so much, know the new rules here


The New Year has started. Along with this, many big rules have also changed from January 1. In this sequence, the customers of India Post Payments Bank (IPPB) have also got a big setback. Now the account holders of this bank will have to pay a charge for withdrawing and depositing cash from a limit.

Bank gave information

It is worth noting that three types of savings accounts are opened in IPPB. Many other facilities are provided in this bank. According to the information given by India Post Payments Bank, it is free to withdraw cash from Basic Savings Account four times every month. But now onwards, customers will have to pay at least Rs 25 on every withdrawal. Let us tell you that there will be no charge for depositing money on Basing Savings Account.

Will you have to pay so much now?

There will be no charge for depositing Rs 10,000 in a month in savings and current accounts in this bank. The bank said that customers will be charged extra for depositing more than this limit. Apart from the basic savings account, there will be no charge for withdrawing Rs 25,000 every month from other savings account and current account. At the same time, every time you withdraw money after the free limit, at least 25 rupees will have to be charged.

According to the information given on the website of IPPB, all these rules have come into force from 1 January 2022, Now onwards customers will have to pay more. GST/CESS will be levied separately. India Post Payments Bank had earlier implemented new rates of doorstep banking charges on August 1, 2021.