PUBG BAN: Angry Players Ask Why Cigarettes & Alcohol Aren’t Banned


For a gamer, a day without PUBG is absolutely unimaginable. However painful it might sound the game is on the verge of getting banned because of its highly addictive nature. This ban would be on a pan India basis and has already come into effect in Gujarat and those who are continuing to play have been penalized by putting them behind bars. an you imagine a day without PUBG? Well, you may as well prepare for it, as the popular mobile

‘PUBG: Mobile or Player Unknown Battleground’, is an extremely popular mobile game and today’s generation is quite addicted to it.  Its ever rising popularity among young adults, teens and even children is a reason of concern to most parents who find their children playing the game. The reason why parents are all the more worried is because of the accidents that are occurring because of certain steps in the game. Many parents have complained that it is hampering the kids’ education along with the point that the game has violent content that is absolutely an incorrect input for growing minds of today.

The point that gamers have put through is that whether it is correct to ban the game. It is true to certain extent as there are many other anomalies in the world that has not yet been banned namely smoking and alcoholism. Then why the ban on a game? Is it not being immature and silly to ban a game?

Tencent, the makers of the game, have given an official response to the ban. It states that they are checking from their end whether it is legal for the government to ban any game like this. Tencent have reiterated that all over the globe, the game can be played only by those who are above the age of 16 and the game is targeted only at young adults. To ensure that they adhere to the age restriction, the makers would now have to arrange for a method by which guardians would have to allow their wards to play the game.