From night sweats to hot flashes, this easy pranayama will ease menopause symptoms


Menopause, a natural process that usually begins at the average age of 50 years, is accompanied by symptoms like hot flashes and night sweats. They may seem harmless, but they can disrupt daily activities like sleep. While there are medications to manage the same, one can also try certain breathing techniques for relief.

So here’s a simple, effective pranayama that can help reduce hot flashes that occur due to the hormonal imbalance in the body.

Fitness influencer and yoga practitioner Juhi Kapoor took to Instagram to share more about ‘Seetkari Pranayama’ that is known to have a “cooling and tranquilising” effect on the body.

“It works well when there is undue heat generated in the body due to imbalances. Known to cure pitta dosha, this pranayama also works well in case of night sweats, hot flashes and similar troubles among menopausal women. If you experience too much sweating or heat in body, hyperacidity, migraine, and anger issues – Seetkari Pranayama will be very helpful,” said Kapoor.

*Relieves migraine, headache
*Improves condition of menopausal women, hyperthyroidism
*Boosts anabolic activities in body, tissue building
*Good for hormonal balance and endocrine function
*Makes the skin glow

Steps to do it:

*Clench or bind your teeth and stick your tongue behind them.
*Inhale through the mouth and immediately close it.
*Hold for a few moments and then exhale through the nostrils.
*You will immediately feel pleasant and experience a cooling sensation, said Kapoor.


*Avoid in cold weather
*Avoid in case of cough and cold
*Avoid doing it outdoor as you are inhaling through the mouth, and are more prone to intake of microbes.