Post Office Scheme: Invest Rs 1500 per month to get up to Rs 35 lakh, here’s how


New Delhi: Investing your hard-earned money is something that every Indian middle-class person should do. An investment provides you with not just monetary security but also a secure financial future. While there are numerous investment options available on the market, they all come with a variety of dangers. The Post Office investment programmes, on the other hand, can be considered if you desire a safe investment strategy.

The India Post Office offers a variety of investment opportunities. However, one of these is a scheme in which investors can deposit as little as Rs 1500 per month and receive a return of up to Rs 35 lakhs. This programme is known as the ‘Gram Suraksha Scheme,’ and it is extremely useful if you are under the age of 19. Investors between the ages of 19 and 55 are eligible to participate in this scheme.

If you start investing at the age of 19, your monthly premium will be Rs 1515 for 55 years, Rs 1463 for 58 years, and Rs 1411 for 60 years, according to this ‘Gram Suraksha Scheme.’ After 55 years, the investor will receive a maturity benefit of Rs 31.60 lakh. If a person invests after 58 years, however, he will receive a benefit of Rs 33.40 lakh.

The matured benefit, on the other hand, will be Rs 34.60 lakh if the investment duration is 60 years. The scheme’s minimum benefit might range between Rs 10,000 and Rs 10 lakh. The sum promised will be handed to the nominee or legal heir in the event of the user’s death.

This investment plan’s premium can be paid on a monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or annual basis. In the event of an emergency, the user is offered a 30-day grace period to pay the fee.

If a consumer is prepared to surrender the insurance after three years, he can do so. They will not receive any benefit if this is the case. It is not recommended that consumers relinquish their policies unless and until an emergency occurs.

If the client wishes to alter any of his or her personal information, such as his or her email address, phone number, or nominee, he or she should contact the nearest post office.