Know the amazing benefits of Ghee


Do you love ghee? Do you put it in your dal or chapati or rice? If yes, then, it’s great! Ghee is nothing but clarified butter made from milk. Although, ghee is healthy for you yet the best variant of ghee is the one that is homemade and least processed. Pure desi ghee is the best ghee available in the market and everyone should have it in their kitchen’s cupboards. With loads of omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin A, ghee provides many amazing health benefits, which makes it one of the most valuable foods of Ayurveda.

The role of ghee in Ayurveda

Ayurveda is a holistic science, which is why the entire cycle of sourcing desi ghee is fundamental. There are certain ways in which unadulterated ghee can be procured. To begin with, cows must not be bound in gaushalas. They should be left to munch unreservedly during the day, basically on grass. Their eating routine must consist of roughage. All in all, the right eating regimen is what influences the nature of the milk.

In Ayurvedic literature, ghee is considered beneficial for the body. It helps to build the sapta dhatus in our body. That’s not all — it is rich in antioxidants, fat-soluble vitamins like vitamins A, E, and D. It also purifies the Vatafat-solublepitta, and Kapha doshas which get aggravated in our bodies.

In some homes, ghee is used in almost every possible recipe, which is a good thing because using ghee instead of refined oils is better for health. But, why are we saying so? We are telling you that ghee is better than any other oil because it has various types of essential nutrients and health benefits. Read on!

1. Helps You Keep Warm From Within

Ghee is an integral part of Indian winters. According to Ayurveda, ingesting ghee helps you keep warm from within; which is perhaps why it is extensively used in many winter preparations like gajar ka halwa, moong dal halwa, pinni, and panjeeri. 

2. For Clogged Nose

There is nothing pleasant about the cold and clogged nose. You have difficulty in breathing; your taste sense is hampered, and let’s not forget the headache and exhaustion that follows. Ayurveda has an interesting nasal drop remedy that may help soothe clogged noses. Ayurvedic experts call it the Nyasa treatment for cold and it involves pouring a few drops of warm pure cow ghee into the nostrils, first thing in the morning. Doing so may provide quick relief as the ghee travels down to the throat and soothes the infection. Make sure, the ghee is pure and warmed to a lukewarm temperature.

3. Good For Heart:

Much like all fats, ghee t has been guilty of raising cholesterol levels. But contrary to popular belief, ghee is a much safer bet to invest in for heart health as compared to refined oil. Studies have shown that ghee can be good for lowering bad cholesterol and increasing good cholesterol.

4. Great For Skin:

Ghee has been a staple part of various beauty care rituals since time immemorial. Its vital fatty acids act as a nourishing agent that can do wonders to infuse life in your dull skin. Pure desi ghee is made out of cow’s milk and is said to be extremely powerful in giving you soft and supple skin. Ghee is known to be suitable for all skin types and it also has vital fatty acids that help in the hydration of the skin cells.

5. Ghee cures cough
Cough comes with winter and to treat it quickly, you would need an effective remedy. Ghee has been used for many years for the treatment of cough as it is quite effective. All you need to do is have a teaspoon of warm ghee directly or you can mix it with ginger powder and have it.

6. Ghee improves eyesight
According to Ayurveda, ghee can improve your eyesight and protect your eyes from many eye-related diseases. So, if you have more ghee in your diet, you can get a better vision.

7. Ghee relieves constipation
If you are suffering from constipation, just have one tablespoon of ghee at night before bed. It can aid your digestion by healing your digestive tract, which in turn relieves constipation.

8. Ghee has anti-inflammatory properties
Studies say that the consumption of ghee has anti-inflammatory properties, which can help in treating various types of diseases. Ghee can increase the good cholesterol levels inside the body, which is great for your heart health.

9. Ghee boosts the immune system

Ghee is loaded with antioxidants, which boosts the immune system by increasing the body’s ability to absorb essential nutrients. When your body effectively absorbs nutrients, your chances of falling ill reduce.

10. Ghee provides healthy fats

Ghee is an excellent source of good fats and if you have it daily, your heart health will be improved. Not only does ghee improve heart health but, it is also beneficial for weight loss. Yes, that’s right! Ghee helps in removing toxins out of the cells, which improves metabolism and when your metabolism is fast, you lose weight easily.

Ghee is nourishing and healing. Some consume it for weight reduction; others for weight gain and heart-related issues. So, accepting ghee as a part of your daily diet can be advantageous for your well-being.