Want To Change Surname in PAN Card After Marriage? Know Complete Process Here


It is very important to have a PAN card with you for any work related to finance. After a female PAN card holder gets married, she will need to get the surname changed in her card. In such a situation, we are telling you today that if you also want to change the surname in your PAN card, then you can easily do this work sitting at home. However, a separate charge has to be paid for this.

Process to change surname in PAN card

Firstly visit the website of National Security Depository Limited (NSDL)

To read FAQs from NSDL website, Please Click Here

For this Please Click Here

Select the Category Type option

Attach documents with correct name and spelling

Click on submit button

(Note: For aadhaar OTP based online application, you should have mobile number in aadhaar and the aadhaar should be linked with PAN. In the absense of this condition, you have to deposit physical application generated from NSDL website at TIN- NSDL centre)

Updated PAN card will be delivered to your address within 45 days

Link Aadhaar-PAN Card

The last date for linking Aadhar card with PAN card is 31 March 2022. If the Aadhaar-PAN is not linked by March 31, 2022, then the PAN card will become invalid and a fine of Rs 1000 will also have to be paid. For this, a new section 234H has been added in the Income Tax Act.