Tips to increase the internet browsing speed on your Smartphone and Laptop


We all must have been in a situation when the internet led us down because of low bandwidth and speed. There could have been multiple reasons- a load of files running in the background, multiple pages which never got shut and of course heavy website nature. 

But do you know this concern can also be cured and your internet could act and perform faster in situations like these? 

Yes, we do have a solution to this problem!

Here are a few tips which can act as a lifesaver to speed up the Internet connection on your handset.

Clear Cache

A smart device or even a laptop faeces lots of lagging when multiple caches are running behind the device browser. Hence, one can cure the internet speed by clearing out the cached data which keeps the app data saved on the device. Users can download a number of apps to clear the caches or can simply visit my files and choose the cache option to delete the history. 

Removing Unused Applications on your Smart device

Some apps have a heavy property that tends to occupy a lot of space and affect the speed of the processor. No matter if you rarely use the device, if the app is occupying space in your device, it will impact the processing speed. 

Hence, removing the widgets from the home screen of your device might act as a saviour and may help you to upgrade the speed of your device accordingly. Kindly note that the apps which are running in the background and which are not in use also consumes a lot of data and can slow down your browser accordingly.

Enable Reader Mode 

If you need to experience fast internet then this is the model which you must opt for. Read Mode enables the user to access only text while reading on a web page and hides the images, which use time in loading and internet to download the data. Users can activate the Reader Mode according to their needs and preferences. This feature enables the user to load the web pages swifter.