UPI Without Internet! The Reserve Bank of India launch of UPI123Pay


The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) launched UPI123Pay, a new digital payment system based on the Unified Payments Interface (UPI). This is designed for feature phones and will operate even if you don’t have access to the internet.

At a live-streamed ceremony, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) debuted UPI without Internet for feature phones, making the service available to hundreds of millions of feature phone users. Users of feature phones will be able to perform UPI transactions without the requirement for an internet connection thanks to a technology called UPI123Pay.

Along with UPI123Pay, the occasion featured the inauguration of ‘DigiSaathi,’ a 24-hour hotline for digital payments. You can Join our UPI Group to get trending updates, offers, and deals. 

He emphasized that the RBI has taken more than 50 steps in the last year to develop India’s digital payments ecosystem, including interface rules, tokenization, and more.

How UPI 123pay will work on feature phones?

Step 1 –  The user will have to link their bank account with their feature phones.

Step 2 – They would then have to set up their UPI pin by using their debit card details.

Step 3 – To make payments, the user will have to call an IVR number ‘080 4516 3666’ and select the payment option — money transfer, LPG gas refill, Fastag recharge, mobile recharge, EMI payment, balance check, and more.

Step 4 – To transfer the money, the users can simply select the ‘money transfer’ option and send the contact.

Step 5 –The user will then have to enter the amount to be transferred and the UPI pin to make the transfer. This feature can be used to make payments to friends, family, shops, and more.

How to make missed call-based payments?

Step 1 – The central bank has also launched a missed call payments feature, which will allow a user to make a UPI payment by simply giving a missed call on the merchant/shop’s number.

Step 2 – The user would have to give a missed call on the number given to them by the merchant/shopkeeper. The number acts as the ID for the said merchant.

Step 3 – A pop-up will appear on the phone screen, just like in other payment modes, asking the user to add the amount to be transferred and confirm the payments by adding their UPI pin.

UPI123Pay would let India’s 400 million feature phone consumers engage in the country’s digital payments ecosystem. These purchases can be made by SMS and do not require access to the internet. UPI without Internet is accessible in a number of Indian languages.