Is Eating Warm Food During Winter Season Healthy? Ayurveda Expert Answers


We all like to consume cold beverages and cold dishes. Yet during the winter season, we need to make sure we take utmost care and not consume super cold food.. Even though some people like to consume cold food, during winters, it is advised not to. As per Ayurveda, having warm food in the morning as it is the first meal of the day, warms up the digestive system

Taking it to Instagram, Dr Dixa Bhavsar, an Ayurveda expert, talks about the importance of eating warm food during the winter season for breakfast especially.

An excerpt from the caption reads,” Acc to ayurveda, our agni (digestion capacity) gets its energy from the sun. Sun is the source of our metabolism. Our digestion capacity throughout the day depends on the power/position/movement of the sun.”

According to Dixa, a warm breakfast is the right way to begin the day. She says,” In the morning, the sun rises and so does our agni (digestive fire/appetite). Its not functioning to its optimum capacity.

So inorder to prepare our gut to be able to digest the meals throughout the day, having a light & warming breakfast (first meal of the day) is best as it’s light to digest (doesn’t put much pressure on your gut) and prepares your gut for optimum digestion.

Warm breakfast is more like a warm-up exercise (for your Agni) that we do to prepare our body for the real exercise (that is digesting lunch) which needs more strength.”

For lunch, Ayurveda suggests having a heavy lunch between 12-2 pm as that is the time when the sun is at the peak in the sky and digestion capacity is also optimum, suggests Dixa.

On whether cold breakfast is good for the digestive system or not, Dr Dixa says,” Having a cold breakfast is more like pouring water on a burning fire which will blow it off rather than helping it burn.

Hence Ayurveda suggest having warm & light breakfast like freshly cooked porridge, stewed fruits (apple/pears), different chillas (pancakes), boiled legumes (moong, chickpeas for the people who exercises) or just boiled vegetable soup.”

Dr Dixa says that for people with high pitta, cold breakfast is ideal. However, for prakriti people, warm breakfast works the best.